Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Hissy Fits

"In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside 24 hours."
 ~Mark Twain

I think Mark Twain must have visited Alberta, Canada sometime during his lifetime, because I just found this quote of his about the weather in Spring. It almost describes the weather we've here had today... sun, wind, billowy clouds, overcast, calm, rain, sleet and snow.... we've had it all!

Fortunately, I choose not to live 'under the weather' so it doesn't matter what's happening out there, we've still smiling, still happy. Hope you are too!



  1. In German we have a saying that is loosely translated, "April, April, does just what it will!" Spring has been having hissy fits these last few days hasn't it!

  2. Could you tell it to me in German? I may just grasp it, as I have a inkling of the language.

    Thanks Karin for popping by. I was even thinking of you today as the weather was changing.

  3. Love the Mark Twain quote. It's like that around her too!!! And thanks for dropping by my blog.

  4. you can't spend your life reacting to weather or other's moods, you have to be proactive...

  5. We have family in Alberta - Red Deer area and I feel for you all out there in the cold. But spring will soon come and you'll be warmer than we are here in Victoria. I like the heat so that's a good thing! It's rarely warm enough for me here.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.


  6. Here in Pennsylvania, spring came on a Wednesday this year, I think. We went from cold damp weather almost straight into summer conditions. It's been over 80 degrees F for 3 or 4 days in a row, with more to come.

  7. When I saw the title of your post I knew that I needed to read it to start my day out right and of course it hit the mark!! I will start today with a different mindset than yesterday. Our power is back on but now it is cold, gray and rainy out. But who cares? I will put a smile on my face and enjoy!!!

    You are inspirational Brenda!!!

  8. We had about a minute and a half of Spring and have gone straight into summer. ::sigh::

  9. April, April, der weiss nicht was er will! The real translation is that April just doesn't know what it wants or can't make up it's mind! Sure seems to me that way this year. My, our winter has been dragging and then spring is just over too quickly!

  10. Brenda, we had that kind of Spring here in Charlotte, NC too! Take care!

  11. What a treat to find all your comments, dear readers!

    Karin, I was tickled that I could even understand the quote in its original language!

    PJ, So that interesting weather has been everywhere! I have a few other Mark Twain favourites. One of my favourites is the one where he says he's sorry for writing such a long letter, but he didn't have time to write a shorter one.

    Lin, Being proactive is a good thing, to be sure.

    Lorrie, We have family in Victoria and we always enjoy our visits that way. It was definitely warmer today...yahhhhhH!

    Hey, A Few Good Cats, Had to chuckle at your quip about how your spring arrived this year. Oh my, I can't imagine 80 degree weather already. We're still trying to climb out from below zero at night!

    Staci, You always make me smile too! Always love to find your footprint on my site!

    Barb, Straight into summer, you say? Can't imagine it yet. Don't think I would enjoy missing that gentle arrival of warmer weather. But, hey, the Gray Boys should have lots of fun, eh? Or is that too hot for such furry ones?

    Sherri, Same kind of weather your end too? Interesting!


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