Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seven Things

Last night, my sister sent all the family a quick e-mail with a list of 10 things she and her family had been doing recently. It was a great way to catch a glimpse into their lives without my sister spend a lot of time writing a long letter or email. I'm doing the same for you today, only it will be a magnificent list of seven:

1. I'm busy getting ready for a weekend away to the mountains with my hubby. Early tomorrow morning, we board a Via Rail train for a 5-hour trip to Jasper National Park. My first-ever train ride, and I'm really looking forward to it!

2. We're staying at the Jasper Park Lodge -- a beautiful place to visit any time of year. Here are a couple of snaps I found on their website... to give you a peek:

3. Went out for a nice breakfast with my mom and sister this morning, a lovely beginning to my birthday celebrations this weekend! Not only did we have the usual breakfast fare, but when the lovely waitress found out it was my b-day, she came later on with a wonderful piece of cheesecake lit with a single candle. Don't think I've ever eaten cheesecake for breakfast, but then, you do need your dairy intake, yes?

4. My nephew found a gift wrapped parcel on our front step when he came home from work. It was for moi! A bag packed with bright cheerily wrapped treasures, along with a card from a dear friend who always seems to know exactly how to touch the soul with kindness and grace. I was joy-ed to the core of me!

5. The snow from our slushy dump of a few days ago is mostly melted. It was fun to drive in the neighbourhood and see all manner of snowmen in front of homes and schools!

6. I went to the shops to look for something new and springlike to wear while we're in Jasper. And what a treasure trove I found today. I thought of Katherine over at Sew Me Something Good because her site is so wondrously colourful whenever I go and visit. There were so many beautiful clothes in gorgeous colours, I felt a little like I'd popped into Katherine's colourful blog or Bert's sidewalk chalk art from the Mary Poppins film!

7. I'm taking my watercolours with me on this trip. I've had a hankering to play with them... more colours to feast my eyes upon!

And so, now I'm off. It will have to be early to bed tonight -- so no late night blogging, reading, or cleaning out forgotten corners at three in the morning!

Wishing you bright, beautiful colours in your corner of the world!


  1. Brenda's very own version of "The Magnificent Seven". Much, MUCH better than the original!

    Let me take a minute to wish you a very, very Happy Birthday, and many mooooooore....

    Cheesecake for breakfast sounds perfect. Not every day, of course. But certainly from time to time.

    I hope we get a full report of your time at Jasper Park Lodge complete with a photo of your lovely, new and colourful frock...and your watercolours.

    I have a tendency to colour everything in my life in scrumptilicous shades. It's just simply my M.O.

    G-nite, mate. Sleep well...

  2. what a delightful list of joy, love and friendship-have a wonder-filled vacation

  3. Brenda, thanks for the shots of Jasper! I love them and I hope you have an awesome trip!!

  4. Hey, Happy Birthday! That sounds like a wonderful weekend adventure! I'm not a cheesecake fan, but I like your thinkins on number 3!

  5. dear brenda, i hope you had an amazing and refreshing time away with your husband in beautiful jasper! you deserve it! :)


  6. I have long wanted to do a rail trip! And I will one day! I know you're having a lovely time!

    The gray boys and I have moved to my dot com blog. I just can't maintain 2 blogs any more. So look for them here!

  7. Hi All! It was great to come back to my blog after being away for a few days and find your wonderful comments. Thanks!

    We had a marvelous time in Jasper -- restful, peaceful, soul filling!

  8. I LOVE cheesecake! I don't see anything wrong with having that for breakfast. ;-)

    You are going to have the best time on the train! I'm so excited for you.



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