Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Choose Carefully

I have been working on paying closer attention to what I say I will do and what I actually do.

For instance, last night as I sunk my weary self into a comfy chair, after having been out ALL day doing wonderful and good things, I commented to my husband that life can sure get busy. Already April is well underway, and though I meant to start strictly on April 1st to begin a thorough cleaning of all cupboards, corners, and drawers in my house, here it is April 8th and I have not opened even one closet door yet.

As I said, there I was lamenting to Rick that life is just too busy, when he quips back, You're the one that chooses what you do each day. I was about to defend myself when I remembered I want to pay closer attention to what I tell myself these days. He was right! I do have a choice, and if I'm not getting around to doing what I had planned, perhaps I have to quit playing the 'April Fool'.

Sometimes I forget that I can't do it all. Sometimes I forget that if I want to add something new to my agenda, something else has to be dropped. It's like that old saying about purchases, when we bring something new into our home, we should also discard something old.

* * * * 

My Tip for the Day

Whenever you are tempted to say yes, ask yourself if you really have time in your day for it. We always try to squeeze things in but eventually there is no more room in the day.

Never forget there are only 24 hours in the day: basically 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for work, 8 hours for personal care, family, social activities, play, meal prep and eating, errands, appointments.
To add a new thing, you must carve out the time to do it; it may mean dropping something else entirely. Don't be tempted to pile up your plate of things to do or attend like you are at a giant buffet table, hoping to try it all. Instead choose the one or two things you can truly focus on comfortably, with joy and grace.

Write it in your calendar, so it's there as a reminder that there is a particular time and day already committed to something else. Even your resting and walking times.

Sending you wishes for a beautiful and well-paced day!


  1. Oh, all too true! I had promised myself to clean out my closet 2 weekends ago, and something keeps jumping up, clamoring for my attention. Last weekend it was my septic tank, and I don't recall what happened the week before!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Barb and the Gray Boys

  2. Boy, can I relate to this! We do choose what to do. Sometimes we need to choose to relax. Sometimes we need to choose to get busy! But whatever we choose, we need to quit thinking we ought to be doing the other thing - I'm bad about that. Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way, come by any time!

  3. Well, Barb, I am relieved to think that my septic tank has not been one of my 'other' concerns -- sorry it had to be one of yours!

    Rosezilla, Now you've said it right on the bud -- about whatever we choose, let's quit thinking we ought to be doing the other thing. Oh dear, do I relate!

  4. good thoughts and advice then there's always the word No...

  5. I'm so guilty of over extending myself. I simply don't want to take just a bite out of life, I want to hike up my skirt, get in there with my bare feet and dance around until my toes are all squishy with the juice of life.

    That said, I'm recognizing the value in say "no" a little more often and have had to put that into practice lately. It pains me to do it, but unless I want to suffer burnout, I have to allocate some time for myself without any obligations or commitments.

  6. Stopped by to say hello! :)

  7. I will certainly take that tip to heart!!

  8. What you say is so true Brenda - I love to read your blog! A x


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