Saturday, March 21, 2009

Somma Saturday

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There's a smell of Spring in the air this morning even though the skies droop with the promise of snow later on. But who minds what's going on outside when there are freshly baked muffins with wild blueberries waiting to be savoured along with my cup of freshly-brewed coffee.

It's a meandering 'somma' kind of morning -- where you can do 'somma dis and somma dat'. And whatever unfolds feels good, in a restful sort of way.

I'm off to meet a friend for lunch. We share a love of books and reading, so conversations often meander through pages we've been devouring, swapping insights and 'aha' moments with each other. We also share a similar sense of humour and have been known to get struck with giggly fits over the craziest things. Ruth and I will never forget the day, many years ago, when I nearly drove us into the ditch; we started laughing over some hilarious incident that I could hardly see the road for the tears in my eyes.

You'll be happy to know that today we'll be safely off the roads, seated demurely inside a restaurant!

My.... after having such a hectic morning (eating blueberry muffins, checking my blogs, and going out for lunch), I think I'll have to take the rest of the day off, and maybe join Miss Kitty for an afternoon nap.
Till next time.... may there be a sense of fun and beauty wrapped up in your Saturday!


  1. Mmm....blueberries, muffins and fresh coffee.....How delicious! Wish I lived next door!

  2. sounds like a relaxing day.

  3. "Somma" ... I like that! It sounds like a special tea, or a floral shampoo. I gotta get me somma that stuff!


  4. oh brenda, i loved reading this! every paragraph made me laugh or smile....i totally loved your 'somma' day! my kind of days for sure :)

  5. Like you Brenda I love the "somma" days - so relaxing and the memory of them brings on a smile. A x

  6. Brenda, you Saturday sounded perfect! I hope you had a nice lunch with your friend!

  7. After a brief few hours spent at work in the morning, the balance of my day was spent exactly this way. It's soul nourishing.

  8. This is a day worth aspiring too!! You have perfectly described the ideal way of living. I love "somma dis and somma dat". Driving off the road in a fit of laughter??!! ha ha ha hahahaha
    What a way to go! I can't stop smiling over that visual!

    I so wish we lived closer Brenda. I would just show up on your doorstep, a handfull of daisies for you in one hand and a pretty bag waiting to be filled up with giggles in the other.


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