Saturday, March 14, 2009

If You Can See It, You Can Have It

"The very moment you realize
you are unhappy or frustrated with a situation,
is your 'point of power' for now you have
a clear picture of how you don't want things to be.

Imagine the exact opposite of the frustrating situation,
and there you have the makings of your vision."

~ Robert Fritz


  1. Oh, this is a very wise as well as beautiful quote. So true!

  2. that's very true and after frustrating down times, you sometimes find your more productive and creative voice

  3. That's an interesting thought! Just further thoughts on my part. I have often found that if I imagine the exact opposite of my frustrating situation and even have a clear picture of how "I" don't want things to be, the Lord leaves me there until I give that frustrating situation to Him and learn the lessons for which the frustrating situation was originally sent or allowed. I need to submit to how He wants things to be in my life. That's where the struggle is at times.

  4. Very true quote. I need to remember this!!

  5. Interesting perpsective. I'll try that.

  6. I am SO copying this quote!! Thank you for sharing (love that little kitty picture too:)


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