Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Love To Laugh

Yes, laughing is one of my most favourite things to do. And there's nothing like a good joke to set the stage for good humour and silly fun. One of my favourite scenes from the classic Mary Poppins is when she takes Bert and the children to visit Uncle Albert, who, they are told, is not well. Young Michael anxiously asks if the gentleman has spots, but alas, it's worse than that! He's lost all decorum and is found to be bouncing around on the ceiling because he's laughing too much.

Oh to have such a malady! I don't care if I am way past 40 ... I think it would be amazing fun to have a tea party on the ceiling with your favourite friends. Can you imagine it? 

Do you also remember at the end of that scene when Mary Poppins announces it's time to go, and how sad everyone feels. There's Bert trying to cheer up old Uncle Albert with some jokes. He's laughing hilariously at one he finds particularly amusing, and he says, "Ahhhh, yes, there's nothing like a good joke!"

And dear Uncle Albert replies between sobs, "Yes, and that was nothing like a good joke!"

That has got to be my favourite line in the whole movie!

Ahhh, yes, there's nothing like a good joke!



  1. Laughing makes everything better! Great post!

  2. I totally need to watch Mary Poppins again very soon. I lve that scene and I LOVE to laugh.

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