Saturday, January 24, 2009

Magpies and Cat Crunchies

If you look at this picture, you wouldn't know that you're looking at a kitty cat, now would you?

Well, in truth, you're not. It's a magpie.  beautiful black and white feathered birds. Many people in our area are not fond of magpies because they often scare away the smaller birds and will in the springtime rustle nests for eggs (which, of course, we aren't happy about either, but if that's how they are made, I guess I can forgive it).

Don't tell anyone, but we leave out dry cat food for the magpies. We didn't plan that, but when we were left with a newly opened bag of cat crunchies which Miss Kitty did not take kindly to for some reason, what were we to do with it?

Rick suggested setting it out for the bigger birds. And sure enough, a couple of magpies started visiting our backyard more frequently. And then a flock of six or eight began to show up most mornings, regular as clockwork.

Guess what? Now they ring for service when the dish is empty! Rakrakrakrak... you look out and sure enough, they're wondering what happened to room service.

You may ask why such a tender spot in my heart for 'maggies'. As it happens, God used these little friends of His to encourage me during some dark times a number of years ago. Every day, when I'd come around the corner on my way to work, one or two would be sitting in the trees nearby, cheerily chattering away. I'd stop and listen and say good morning.

But one day I felt so disheartened, I didn't pay them any mind. And, honestly, it seemed as if one of them said to me, So, aren't you gonna say good morning? What could I do? I had to smile....and return the greeting.

So now, that's why on early frosty winter mornings, sometimes still clad in jammies, we don boots and overcoats to carry out Kitty's unwanted crunchies to them. I love magpies -- they always remind me of those cheeky messengers of cheer that unforgettable morning so long ago.

Still Smiling,


  1. my uncle trained magpies and had them for pets back in the early 1930s or so. all creatures have some purpose in this world.

  2. Lin, I've heard that before, that magpies are very smart. And yes, I do believe all creatures have their purpose.

  3. Quite often there are animals that provide either entertainment or a sign from God that He's in control.

    Thank you for stopping by to see me today. I hope my non award giving posts gets your attention, as I have a tendency to go all over "the board" with my topics, which is probably why I've been blogging since August, 2006 and on my main blog I have over 860 posts.

  4. Cheeky... that would be an excellent way to describe how I feel about Magpies. My hubby used to train them to talk when he was a kid. I didn't know they could, but he swears they can. I can't remember for sure what you had to do to enable it...something wierd... and they never learned to speak as clearly as a parrot, but he could get them to say, "pur-tee" for pretty. Anyway, that's what he told me. I should probably share the fact that he is a teller of tall tales from time to time.. so who know for sure how much is fact and how much is fiction.

    Anyway... this is a great story with some pretty nice photo's to accompany it. I love the fact that you're willing to shiver for a few minutes to take them a morning treat.

  5. Cliff - Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed browsing through your posts.

    Caryn - So good to hear from you again. Always miss you when you are busy elsewhere. I've heard before that magpies can imitate, so maybe it's no 'tall tale'. My hubby says they have an excellent memory. They will remember where they stash extra snacks -- and I saw one or two actually digging in the snow and seemingly find little treasures in their secret cache.


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