Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lullaby, and Good Night!

2009 by Brenda Colleen Leyland

I really should be tucked away in my bed! And I will be shortly, but I had to stop and say night-night. I am happy to report that my project is done, completed, fini!

I was just going to shut everything down, when I noticed the Google Ad box I have in my sidebar. Tonight it's advertising snowblowers! How does it know it's been snowing here, mmmmm?

Now before my nose hits the keyboard with a clatter....



  1. I hope you slept well. The google ad bar tickles me. Mine was advertising kia cars the other day and I thought, "How does it know I drive a Kia?"

  2. Good day to you! Thanks for your ideas and suggestions. Congratulations on a completed project! I work from home too and it brings unique benefits and challenges as well. It's one of the reasons I blog. Blogs are my little breaks- too bad I can't exercise and blog at the same time. Because I pick blogging most of the time.; )

  3. guess we need a sitting treadmill to blog while we type on the computer. lol

  4. Oh no!! Your nose may hit the keyboard with a clatter?? Does that mean it WAS frozen? (see prior post)

    So pleased that your project is completed and you're happy with the results.

    LOVE Lin's idea of a sitting treadmill. I don't suppose there's any chance at all of something like that really working though. Rats!

    My mom used to come into my bedroom in the morning and wake me by saying:
    "Good morning Mary Sunshine.
    How did you wake so soon?
    You've scared away the little stars
    and frightened away the moon."

    I look forward to hearing from you again after you've scared away the little stars and the sunshine is streaming through your windows.

  5. Jessie, Too funny that we had similar 'wonderings' about the google ad!

    Beverly, Sigh... I agree... too bad about not being able to exercise and blog at the same time.

    But, of course, if we had an inventor among our midst, maybe Lin's witty idea about a sitting treatmill might just work! aaahhh. I mean, treadmill.... or do I mean treatmill???

    Caryn, I had a very large dose of best 'best medicine' after I read your comments. About the clattering, I guess I was thinking about the keys clattering as I zonked into them.

    And my own mom used to call me Merry Sunshine.... I wrote an essay once about how the nickname still gives me pleasure thinking about it all these years later.

  6. Brenda- Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments. You made my day!:) I look forward to reading your blog, too, and getting to know you better! Lori

  7. I haven't visited for awhile as my google reader is overflowing and I am catching up! Glad to hear that you are done with your project!

    BTW, do you find google ads worth it to have on your blog?


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