Friday, January 02, 2009

Friday Skywatch...

A wintry sky in Alberta, Canada

On this second day of the New Year, we're experiencing a typical wintry one -- bright, sunny, and really, really cold.

Today I'm linking to Friday Skywatch, a blog tour where fellow bloggers post some of the most amazing sky shots.



  1. Great picture for your first Skywatch! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The blue sky looks wonderful. We do have a few sun breaks here today in Seattle, a welcome relief!

  3. That CHICKEN SOUP sounds like it would be incredibly good FOR THE SOUL. It's such a "feel good" food. Like crunchy apples and peanut butter in the fall.

    I'd say good luck on your newsletter but, something tells me that it willl be wonderful. You're a word master,

    I'll wait for your recipe since you can't ship the aroma and flavors through cyber space. I appreciate your willingness to share if only you could.

  4. Caryn, It really is good for the soul! Just like crunchy apples with juice dribbling down your chin....

  5. Linda, Thanks so much for stopping by. Glad the sun's out in your world too!

  6. esnorway, Thanks so much for dropping by!

  7. What a wonderful photo.
    I love the blue sky this time of the year.I would love some soup. Thanks.
    Happy new year.
    Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. USA

  8. Nice blue sky.
    Happy SW Friday!

    Oh.. I'm hungry now!;)

  9. What a chilly, beautiful scene. So glad you shared it on SWF!


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