Thursday, January 01, 2009

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Sullivan in the clover patch

Once upon a time I followed a blog called Gandalf and Grayson. First, because I love kitties--both Gandalf and Grayson were two handsome cats--they both knew how to blog (such clever lads). Second, because Grayson was the spitting image of my own kitty, Sullivan (above).

Though he lives bright and beautifully in my heart, he is waiting by the Rainbow Bridge, and because I miss him so, I find great delight in seeing daily snaps of Grayson on his blog ... as it's a happy reminder of my own dear, sweet Sullivan!

I posted this when their blog was still active; however, I now learn it is no longer available, otherwise I would share the link. The funny thing is that Grayson had a similar photo sitting in the clover in the same pose.  Deja vu ... uncanny too, seeing as they live worlds and miles apart!

So, here's to two special kitties...this one's for you, Grayson and Sullivan!

It's all purr-fectly a-mews-ing!

Post updated in January 2014



  1. Sullivan is a handsome fella, for sure! Even if I do say so myself! We must be distant cousins, and purrhaps, kindred spirits!

    Happy New Year!

  2. That is an uncanny likeness. It must be fun for you to follow Grayson's activities and remember the good times you had with "Mr. Sully".


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