Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eight Is Enough

Fellow blogger Lin tagged me today with the invitation to join the List Eight tag.
I immediately thought of that old 1970's TV show Eight is Enough, because this tag asks us to list eight things from each of the given categories. Thanks, Lin, and here goes:
Eight TV Shows/Movies I Watch Regularly
1. Sense and Sensibility (with Emma Thompson)
2. Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth)
3. Enchanted April
4. PBS Mystery (especially Joan Hickson as Miss Marple and David Suchet as Poirot)
5. Shell Seekers
6. Shall We Dance? (with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez)
7. 84 Charing Cross Road (with Ann Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins)
8. All Creatures Great and Small (old TV series)

Eight Things that Happened Yesterday (Monday)
1. Browsed through a bookstore -- bought a new journal, an organizing magazine, and a book called "Captivating" for a friend's birthday.
2. Started working on the February edition of my monthly newsletter.
3. Met my mom, sister and brother-in-law in the afternoon for coffee at Starbucks.
4. Visited over Chai Lattes with a dear friend at Cafe Haven in the evening.
5. Read a few chapters in my current book, Winter Solstice, by Rosamunde Pilcher.
6. The cold snap changed, so we saw temperatures getting close to above freezing.
7. Made BBQ chicken pizza for supper -- it was deeee-lish!
8. Changed all the bedding, put it in the washer, and folded it all away in the linen closet.

Eight Favourite Places to Eat
1. The King and I (thai)
2. Cafe Haven (great lattes and trendy food)
3. Olive Garden (salad and bread sticks)
4. Swiss Chalet (rotisserie chicken)
5. A&W teen burger with fries (and Heinz ketchup) once in a blue moon
6. The local Vietnamese place in town for spring rolls
7. Hotel MacDonald (for the most elegant Sunday brunches)
8. Honsho's (Japanese)

Eight Things On My Wish List
1. To stay on top of my housekeeping by doing a little every day so it stays simple
2. To take a grand tour of England and Europe
3. To visit some of the beautiful gardens of the world
4. To be able to get in shape without having to actually exercise (ha ha)
5. To get some articles published this year
6. To go on a reading holiday to the seaside with my suitcase of books
7. To get my paper files/piles organized again (sigh, it seems like for the zillionth time)
8. To make a kind difference to the people who cross my path

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Finding our 'new normal' now that my hubby's retired
2. Having more time to just be with him
3. Springtime when we can work together to plot out new ideas for our garden
4. Another trip to Victoria, BC (one of our favourite places to visit)
5. Completing my reading goals this year
6. Blogging and meeting even more new friends online
7. Time to hang out, visit with my mom and family more, and just being more relaxed
8. My next visit to my favourite bookstore

Eight People I Tag
1. Kathy
2. Melanie
3. Jessie
4. Flossy P.
5. Mystery History Mom
6. Sherri
7. Sassy Granny
8. Cindy

There they are... I hope you enjoy my Lists of Eight!
Happy Day,


  1. Thanks Brenda for tagging me for this! I really had to think about some of my answer and that is always a good thing! Have a wonderful day!

  2. this looks fun! I will participate..soon! I could watch sense & sensibility and pride & prejudice all the time as well!!! :)

  3. hey we share olive garden, bookstore and not watching tv-it's such a waste of time....unless you need an escape or break then a good movie if you can find one is relaxing. thanks for participating-learned lots about you-hope you did too.

  4. That was fun walk through your life and thoughts... Sounds like you've got life pretty well under control. Living it well... looking forward to even better things. ahhhhh the Sweet mystery of life ain't all that mysterious after all, eh?

  5. Thanks for tagging me, Sweetie! I really enjoyed reading your lists! I, too, love Victoria, B.C. WE took a whale watching boat trip from Seattle years ago to Victoria and enjoyed tea at the Empress Hotel. Absolutely the loveliest day!:) Lori

  6. I like Thai and Japanese food too! Thanks for tagging me. I needed to get back into blogging somewhere since my leave for school work.


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