Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Interesting Shot!

2009 by Brenda Colleen Leyland

I woke up to a really, really cold morning the other day. The sky was that beautiful pre-dawn midnight blue. So I grabbed my camera and gingerly opened the back door. Swirls of frost whisked past my ankles with a whoosh. I aimed into the sky, clicked, and dashed back into my warm kitchen, slamming the door with a bang. B-r-r-r-r!

I was amazed to find this photo on my camera. It almost looks like a double-exposure, but could it have been so cold that frost covered the lens that quickly? Or wouldn't it be wonderful to imagine that I'd caught angels unaware, guarding over our sleeping neighbourhood? Whatever it is, it's pretty cool (literally and figuratively), so I had to share.

As I'm still busy finishing up my newsletter, it's ta-ta for now!

Joy and more joy to you!


  1. Hey there ... thank you so much for dropping by my bloghome and leaving a comment! Obviously I found my way to your own site, and I must say it's a goldmine!

    I'll be back,

  2. What a really cool picture!! I would like to believe it was angels guarding your neighborhood. I had a similar experience, which I posted on my blog. A mourning dove flew into our storm door on the screened porch and left a perfect imprint of itself on the glass. You could see it's eyes, beak, wings, feet everything!! John, my husband called it our bird ghost and would let me wash it off the glass for the longest time, but finally I did it anyway!

  3. Cool picture indeed! As much as I like to think it was angels, it was probably the warm air from the open door, hitting the cold air outside. In any case, you don't have to capture pictures of angels to know they're all around anyway :)

  4. It does look like a very cold morning for sure! Very intriguing, I think. This reminds me of the picture I took last week of the white dove that flew into my living room window. We saw all these feathers outside below the window and when the sun came up, we saw the imprint of the bird from our living room! Pic was different!

    Guess what? I won the Amazon New Year's gift certificate! I'm such a rooky, but very encouraged to keep participating!

    Oh, I made the Moraccan Chicken Soup for supper last night. Delish! I can't eat onions, so I had to substitute hydrated. So I lost some points for flavor there! Hubby liked it and commented on the smell in the kitchen! When I made it, I remembered why I was attracted to the recipe. Garlic! I over bought at Christmastime and this recipe calls for a lot. Not a strong garlic taste, though!

  5. Beautiful picture!

    - Lu

  6. unusual couldn't have planned it better.

  7. We can understand why you wanted to get a photograph of that scene. Our human likes it, too. What we don't know is why you were up at that unholy hour! (We prefer to nap, of course)

  8. Kathleen, How nice to see you! Your own site have some lovely gems!

    Sherri, Very interesting about your mourning dove and the imprint it left on the glass. I'll come and look for your blog on it.

    Good to have you pop by, Rebekah!

    Kathy, No doubt you're right about it being the result of rapid temperature change. Interesting how it turned out.

  9. Sales Lady, I just left a note to congratulate you on your Amazon win! Good for you! Thrilled to hear you enjoyed the soup. It does smell wonderful when it's cooking, I agree!

    I thought I was 'seeing' double about white doves... first, Sherri mentions a mourning dove flying into her window, and now you mention a white dove flying in your living room. Uncanny.

  10. Hi Lu, Thanks for stopping by. Just went for a visit at your place -- enjoyed my peek into your world. I'll come again.

    Lin, I was hoping to see your face somwhere in my day today. And there you are! As you say, couldn't done it if I tried.

  11. Hey you Good Cats! Glad you enjoyed that photo too.

    You asked about why I was up at the hour? (litter box, probably) But since the sky looked so awesome, we took a detour!

  12. Brenda - Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    That's a really neat picture. I'm no good with a camera - all my pictures look the same!

    I'm going to read through your blog soon and "get to know you."

  13. Lynne, Oh, goodie, another new friend to explore blogs with! Glad you came by!

    You mention taking pictures...I've never been much at them either, but blogging has given me a more hands-on interest, and the immediacy of digital cameras and being able to upload so quickly has made it more rewarding for. Observation of other more skilled bloggers has really helped, as I've noted what makes a picture intriguing or appealing.

  14. That is an awesome picture Brenda. It's snowin and blowin here today.

  15. Good to hear from you, Dar! I was getting homesick for your face!

  16. Days -- Thanks for coming by. When I came for a visit, I see you are just setting up 'house' .... all the best for success and make the venture be a joy ride for you. I can tell you, I've been having a wonderful time, meeting so many new friends on-line.


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