Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wishing You A Very...

Here is my Christmas Wish for you:

Love and joy in abundance...
Hope for your future...
Comfort in time of sorrow and disappointment...
Strength in weakness...
More than enough of all you need...
Health and well-being...
Peace of mind...
Wholeness -- nothing missing, nothing broken.

God bless us, everyone!


  1. i love puzzles, if i were there would help you with putting it together. been doing puzzles with my 6 year old grandson with big pieces-it goes fast....

  2. Hey Lin, I like those big piece puzzles too. Ahhh, the memories you're making with your grandson.

  3. Nothing Broken? ha ha hahahaha ahhhhh ha haha... All of my grandchildren are boys. They're eleven, seven, five and three years old. Nothing Broken. That's funny.

    And the peace we have is definitely inner peace. The noise level in my daughter's house could drown out a Boeing 747 landing in the back yard.

    But it is joyful, full of hope for the future, comforting, and more than enough.

    Lovely thought. Thank you!

  4. Caryn -- ha ha ha..... Yes, I can see what you mean about the 'nothing broken'..... of course, that may also refer more to the inner sanctum of the mind/heart... especially with all those boys! I can just imagine it!

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    Happy New Year!


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