Friday, December 19, 2008

Someone's Retiring!

It's a very special day here in our household, because today wraps up the very last day of Rick's multi-decade career in the world of public health. It's been a good career, but there comes the time to wrap up one chapter and begin a new one.

It's a funny thing, a person anticipates and looks forward to a momentous event expecting to wake up on that day feeling different somehow. But here we are, following the usual morning rituals, feeling as if it's quite an ordinary day, yet getting the sense that it really marks the end of one chapter as a new one is about to begin. For both of us!

It's just days before Christmas -- I think this is a perfect time to retire. All through the holiday season, it already feels like you're on a holiday, but then when it's all over and everyone starts heading back to work, you get to wake up that first morning and say, 'Yippee, we don't have to get up this early any more on cold, dark winter mornings!" And you can either roll over and go back to sleep, or you can pad around in your jammies marveling that you can actually enjoy your cup of coffee with leisure. Can you see me grinning?

What fun to plan a new way of living ... working, playing, enjoying home and garden, family, traveling, learning, working on projects and passions we never had time for. For me, retirement doesn't mean quitting on life, but now we have choices and time, not to mention energy, for new things that matter to us at this stage of our lives.

I must be off as I have lots to prepare today. Stay warm, stay calm, stay safe!



  1. happy retirement, it takes a while to adjust to it and finds things/hobbies to fill your time. men have a harder time than women adjusting...good luck!

  2. Well, congratulations. You are standing at the threshold of a marvelous time in your lives together.

    When Wayne retired we found ourselves being filled with a spontaniety and giddiness that is usually reserved for the very young. We could do what we felt like doing at the very moment the desire hit us. We started eating lesiurely brunches rather than hurried breakfasts. We got frisky whenever the mood sparkeled in his eye. We stayed out or stayed up and didn't worry about what time we needed to hit the shower in the morning. We had more water fights in the spring and built more snowmen with the first flakes to flutter to the ground in winter. We took long drives and stayed overnight if the hour grew late or the sky turned dark. It was freedom at it's best. We have settled into it somewhat and aren't as "devil may care" as we were in the beginning, but it's still almost like being newleyweds. We laugh together so much more with the stress of work and raising children a fading memory. We've had the time and opportunity to renew our relationship and rekindle our love. And we've nurtered it. I highy recommend living with a retired man. It's wonderful!!

  3. p.s. I LOVED your post on savouring the moment! Left a comment for you.

  4. Thanks so much, Lin, for the good wishes. No doubt there will be adjustment, yet Rick has lots of things he enjoys, I imagine he'll have fun being able to 'haul them out' whenever the mood hits.

    The only thing is we might have to get two computers, as he enjoys listening to lectures from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (astronomy stuff), and I enjoy my blogging. Or we might have to resort to a timer, like some moms do with their kids vying for computer time!

    Caryn, Oh, I loved your take on retirement... the spontaneity and giddiness.... I think that's what I'm looking forward to as well.... just being free to go hither and yon at will. I love your idea of taking long drives and staying overnight if the hour grows late. Now that's romance at it's most romantic....(smile)


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