Friday, December 26, 2008

Remains of the Day

This is definitely the first time I've ever taken a picture of the Christmas turkey after dinner. It certainly puts a whole new spin on that old movie titled "Remains of the Day" starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson.

We had a wonderful Christmas Day with family yesterday. The turkey was delicious! And Santa was most generous in his annual distributions.

Today is traditionally Boxing Day here in Canada. It's still a holiday for many people. For our family, quite often it's a quieter day, one where we can relax after the hubbub, as we nibble on leftover turkey and stuffing, settling in somewhere comfy to play with our toys or begin any new books that may have been tucked into our Santa stockings.

Here's to feeling relaxed and content,


  1. i can relate...see my blog for a poem.

  2. I've put my coat on, I'll be right over!

  3. Wow you all really picked that turkey clean!! I'm glad you had a very Merry holiday! Happy Boxing Day!

  4. Fortunately, Sherri, although Mr. Tom Turkey's bones were picked clean, there were still enough leftovers on the platter to enjoy a few savory nibbles the next day!

  5. This is Fabulous!!! Your picture says it all. It speaks of an abundance of food, family and good times shared with them.

    What a fun mind you have, Brenda. If we were closer, I think I'd come snatch you up and away for a day or laughter and making memories.

  6. By the way... I think I've read most of the blogs that I missed in my absence. I didn't want to miss a day of your "beautiful life". I may go back and make sure.

  7. Caryn, I was so glad to see your name pop up when I signed in.... I was getting homesick! And as you say, I think we'd have fun, to be sure!

    Some time ago an e-mail went around where you were supposed to describe in one word the person you were e-mailing. My sister said I was 'laughter' because I loved to laugh and make merry, and she loved that about me. I had never considered myself in that light before, but since then I realize how true it is.... I can usually see the humour in even the most sombre of situations.

    So glad you enjoyed my take on Tom Turkey's remains!

  8. Okay... I have added the story to my latest post so you can better see the reasoning behind making complicated bows for a two year old to chew on. I decorate EVERY gift I give at any time of the year rather elaborately. It's such fun to receive something like that. It gives me great pleasure to offer it... especially when I do the "Sub for Santa" or Mother's Day gifts for the women's shelters. People in those circumstances need as much "pretty" in their lives as we can give them.

  9. Caryn, will check out your posting! And thanks for the insight into the beauty of your!

    I love how you said that people in those hard circumstances need as much pretty as they can get... my wholehearted belief as well. And like you, I've put action to the words.


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