Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Our New Year's Eve celebrations are simple this year. Miss Kitty, Hubby and I all voted to snuggle close to our own cozy fireside. We have food, movies, books, and each other... what more could we ask for? Perhaps a little bubbly to toast in the New Year.

Enjoy your celebrations -- grand or cozy -- and may the New Year be blessed with many happy, healthy, and beautiful days for you and your loved ones.  All the best in 2009!

Hugs and Cheers,


  1. Happy New Year, Brenda!

  2. looks ideal to me. we are spending a quiet evening at home just hubby and me, no kitty or fireplace but two warm computers side by side. will probably head to bed about 10 pm happy new year to you too.

  3. Why thankee kindly, maam.

    I wish you all the good things you wish for and a grab bag of fun surprises to keep you laughing.

    My hubby was sick last night. We spent a quiet evening holding hands and sipping hot soup by the fireplace for a while before I slipped upstairs to write a little bit. Home is my favorite place to be on New Year's Eve.

    I'm not sure if I'm at peace or just boring. But, whatever the case, I'm content and contentment has been a long time coming. I intend to enjoy it.

  4. How wonderful to find more comments! Thank you, everyone!

    Lin, I enjoyed the image of 'two warm computers side by side'....a modern picture of 'cozy', to be sure!

    Caryn, I'll take that grab bag of fun surprises. Hope your hubby is feeling on the mended side today. Glad you are finding yourself living in the peaceful Land of Contentment. No, not boring! Restful!


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