Monday, December 29, 2008

Reading Challenges for 2009

Just before the New Year starts to fluff out its fledgling wings, I've been thinking about the two reading challenges I signed up for in the new year.

I always enjoy this week between Christmas and New Year. Having the week off means lounging about the house, enjoying some down time. Which means the luxurious opportunity to gather the new books we received as Christmas gifts and settle down for a good read by the fireplace.

2009 Read Your Own Books challenge (link no longer available) will certainly be interesting. As I'm always coming across a new book I absolutely must own, how will I be able to keep from purchasing new ones if I'm to focus on what I already own? I guess that's why they call it a challenge!

2009 What's In A Name challenge has me browsing the library shelves to see if I can find books with the suggested words I need in the title (profession, time of day, relative, body part, building, and medical condition). Although I have a couple on my shelf that will work, the rest I'll have to go further afield. Should be fun to scout out some new topics and titles!
Wishing you some happy holiday reading opportunities,



  1. Hehee, thanks for the 'nudge' as I have been so lax in reading books lately!

    I've been consumed with blogs, lol, and will have to budget my time to read a real hard cover book!

    I have one waiting for me right now on my bookcase shelf : "Cape Light" by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer

    have a nice evening. :)

  2. Judy, I like Thomas Kinkade paintings, haven't read any of his books -- enjoy the book!

  3. healing your wounded heart sounds good. I've noticed I read less these days and write more which is okay. my readers digest and family circle magazines are in piles that are unread and I'll probably use them for collage material with my writer's group. I do want to read my spiritual books like scriptures so that's where I will focus-in fact I'm going to put them on my new ipod and listen to them while I walk and do other things...multi-tasking is for me!

  4. I sneaked over here from Cindy's blog to see what you were doing. I love the photo you have as your header. Lovely little snow couple. Very, very cute!

  5. Hi Lin, Like you, I've put a few more heart/spiritual things to listen to on my mp3 as well.

    Joanie, Thanks for dropping by... glad you liked the snow-couple. That's me and Rick in our snow disguise (smile).

  6. You've got some pretty good selections there.

    My sister is a compulsive consumer. Que es verdad! It is true! She owns thousands of books. I think if she buys four more she may break a Guiness record. But, her rule is that she has to read every book she owns... and she has. Pretty amazing.

    I have oodles of books that I just "had to have" and haven't read yet. I don't even take the time to read my gardening magazines. I have them in the "powder room"... but, I'm too impatient to spend much time in there, so I mostly just look at the pictures and envy the people who have such gorgeous flowers and tomatoe plants in their yards.

    Perhaps I'll pick up the gauntlet and follow your example. Well.... that is if I really stop working so much and stay home under a warm throw with some fuzzy slippers and a cup of steaming wassail.

  7. Lin, You mention that you write more than you read these days.

    Methinks that's an interesting shift.... with your life experience and gained wisdom, do you find that you don't 'need' to read to 'find' the newest ideas? Rather, you've found your own pattern of success and can confidently write to give back and pass along to the generations following? I'd be interested in your further thoughts!

  8. Caryn, I bet if I would have kept all the books I'd ever bought, I'd probably have that many too! As it is, I'm probably around 500 (haven't actually counted)!

    Enjoy your cozy throw!

  9. Brenda you might like to submit your Agatha Christie posts to the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival. Check the details at


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