Saturday, December 27, 2008

After the Rush... Some Relaxin' Time

It's a glimpse of my reading pile!

Over the years, I've always been very, very, very grateful when I could have a few days off work at Christmas time.

After the rush of getting ready for Christmas, and then the happy, but busy bustle of getting the turkey dinner ready, opening presents, visiting with family on Christmas Day itself, it was always with a contented sigh of relief to totally relax on Boxing Day and the days following. That's when I'd find myself indulging in my ultimate favourite pastime of reading, which now includes watching old classics in movie format too.

As a long-time fan of the Jane Austen works, it was a delight last night to watch Becoming Jane, the 'untold romance that inspired the novels of one of the world's most celebrated authors'. As someone further quotes on the back cover, it's enchanting and imaginative. And, yes, without knowing a lot about the author, I did find enchanting and enjoyable.

And now... I'm off to attend to my reading pile. Happy post-holiday relaxin' time!

Leisurely yours,


  1. Mom also loves to read, and she was given 2 news books for Christmas! We loved your Remains of the Day photo! hahaha!

  2. Hey Kitties, thanks for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed the 'remains' picture!

    Tell your mom happy reading with her new books. So, do you sit on her lap when she reads, or do you try and sit on her book?

  3. Have fun just chilling out! That's what I'm doing tomorrow!

  4. wow, you've got cats leaving comments too...funny. I love to read also but short books on self improvement or writing topics. I'm glad the holidays are over for another year. New Year's is very minimal for us although last year we did throw a party and actually stayed up till midnight-this year we'll probably watch a movie and head to bed early. My hubby's coming down with a cold probably from the grandkiddies. Happy boxing day.

  5. Your snowmen are cute? What are you reading today?

  6. Sherri, Enjoy the down time!

    Lin, you mentioned New Year's being minimal... us too! We tend to be fairly quiet on New Year's Eve, and often go out for Chinese food with family on Jan 1st. Makes a nice change from the Christmas fare. One year Rick and I had tickets to attend a Salute to Vienna concert - elegantly attired dancers performed to mostly Viennese waltzes. It was very beautiful. I sighed over the gorgeous ball gowns!

    Kathy, Yesterday I finished the book of memoirs by Churchill's bodyguard, Beside the Bulldog -- really enjoyed the glimpses of that great stateman.

    Today, I'm going to divide my attention on Love in the Present Tense (Morrie and Arleah Shechtman), and the classic Agatha Christie mystery, A Holiday for Murder, with Hercule Poirot.

  7. I love Jane Austen. I really love days when I can sit in a quiet house snuggled under a down filled throw and surrounded by big pillows with a good novel. It's Escapism at it's best. Although I can't figure out what it is I'm trying to escape. I truly love my delicious life. But it remains a favorite on my list of favorites.

    I could also sit with a cup of steaming candy cane cocoa and watch movies all afternoon. A little "Emma" or "Pride and Prejudice", "Savannah Smiles", "A Lion in Winter".... sigh

    And I could rinse out the hot chocolate mug, toss the down throw in the closet and dance myself silly to "Mama Mia" with my red feather boa around my neck.

    I relish moments like those. No one around to make a sandwich for, to listen to as they chatter about what they're going to wear to the Library Guild dance, to see me in all of my glorious goofiness. It's great!!

  8. Caryn, Add another set of movies you'd like, I think, if Pride and Prejudice are on your list of favs.

    You might enjoy a series called "Lillie", based on the true story of Lillie Lantry of Victorian times. Apparently she was quite the beauty, and Francesca Annis plays the role elegantly! We just rented it from the local video store.

    I loved the image of you chucking the throw into the closet and donning a red boa instead. I loved that movie too!

    So... here's to glorious goofiness! May it continue to tickle whatever fancies you!


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