Sunday, August 17, 2008

How To Leave A Comment

Dear Beautiful Reader,

If you are new to blogs and posts and you don't have a Google account, but you'd like to leave a comment and you're not sure what to do, here are the simple steps:
  1. At the bottom of each post, look for the word "Comment". Click on it.

  2. A comment box opens -- type in your message.

  3. In the listing of choices to 'Comment As', select the button with Name/URL. Now type in your name here (how you want it to appear in the comment box).

  4. Press the 'Publish' button.

It should work... hope that helps!

Brenda, 2008


  1. hey brenda, your blog is gorgeous. it's just what I need to perk up my day. May your days be filled with perks as well. God bless you on this great new endeavour.


  2. Thanks Deb...appreciate your feedback!

  3. Hi Brenda,
    I was so encouraged to read your comment over at my blog. I don't have the time to be much of a blog surfer, so when someone of like-mind and interests finds me, I'm thrilled. Looking forward to knowing more of you.

  4. Hi Grace,

    Thanks so much for dropping by. I, too, look forward to staying in touch.


  5. I smiled at the image of you rushing to get content on your blog. I can relate. I truly enjoy your posts. And, thanks for your comment in the post regarding

    Best of Energy!

  6. Thanks for your well wishes! The transition to daycare for Levi was rough for me but he has handled it with aplomb. Your blog is beautiful by the way, I really appreciate all that you put into it.


To My Beautiful Readers,

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Franz Peter Schubert

Thank you so much for leaving your 'footprint' here in my comment box. I do appreciate you taking a moment to share your thoughts today.

Brenda xox

PS. I do not always comment here, but I do look forward to coming and visiting you....