Wednesday, January 01, 2014

As The New Year Begins...

The first day of the new year is almost done. At least for this person, who goes to bed 'with the chickens' in order to arise at three in the morning with any semblance of alertness, not to mention cheerfulness. I do try...

Our day unfolded quietly and with little fanfare. That is, after we got back from work, where it was very busy. For, after an evening of festivities to ring in the new year at the local performing arts centre, there was quite a mess to clear up. Yes, we go in even on New Year's Day. It always feels good to put things to right, to bring order out of chaos, but we were truly glad for the chance to unwind and relax the rest of the day....

And to enjoy the wonderful Lincoln Center New Year's Eve Gala we recorded from last night's performance. Dining in style in front of the television, we ended our day on a high note.

Happy sigh....I love listening to Yo-Yo Ma, one of my favourite musicians, and I never seem to tire of hearing Ravel's Bolero. If you missed it, you can find the evening's performance here.

(I first fell in love with that piece thirty years ago during the 1984 Winter Olympics when Torvill and Dean won the Ice Dancing with 6.0's. Does anyone else remember that? For a blast from the past, guess what, Youtube has even that event online here!  BTW, I don't remember them being that young, but then I was that young myself!)  

When the last note was played tonight and everyone stood applauding, I felt like standing and cheering myself, right there in my family room in front of the fireplace.

So, dear ones, I hope you've had a good first day. I look forward to sharing and spending time with you as the new year unfolds.  I know we all have lots to chat about.  Until next time...

Sweet dreams and a gentle kiss atop thy head,

Graphic source:  Vintage Catnip


  1. I cannot wait to see what this year brings! Sounds like a perfectly lovely way to bring in the New Year (except that whole going to work thing)! I have cleaned the house all day, exploring all the options of my vacuum cleaner. Exciting, that, but it gave me time to thing, consider, ponder, and, perhaps, find my writing voice again?? We'll see about that last one! LOL

    Sending you wishes for a glorious week and most memorable year! XXOO

  2. Hello Brenda...Your first day of the new year sounded good. Mine was super, too. Hubs and I went to a movie, "Saving Mr. Banks." It was top notch.

    Hope your new year of life is fabulous! Susan

  3. My first day of 2014 was spent knitting while watching Bowl games with my husband, who coached high school football many years ago! Sadly, our Iowa Hawkeyes lost in the Outback Bowl. It just wasn't their day. It also snowed gently all day making it cozy by the fireplace! I resolved to get my blog going again! Bowl week creates a wonderful time to knit!

  4. Happy New Year, Brenda! Your first day of 2014 sounds quite lovely (except for the getting up at 3 am). Good for you! As you were getting up, I was just drifting off to sleep - we spent the evening with 2 couple friends and talked and talked. So today has been slow, with a nap in the middle. The fire is burning down and it's cozy and warm. A lovely start to the year.

  5. I had to go and look at the skating, I haven't seen that clip for years, it was good watching it again. They were on a dance show here in the UK recently, as part of a charity event, they are both still so amazingly fit, and both gave fantastic performances.
    Happy New Year, Brenda.

  6. Hello Brenda
    that was such a lovely post to start the year with!
    Oh my a 3am start, I would go to bed when the birds do too!
    Thank you for the links - I will have a look after this!
    Yes I remember being enchanted with Torvill and Dean - they were amazing and I think of them when I hear Bolero too.
    We had a quiet evening at my husbands brothers and SIL - we didn't stay for midnight - just too tired!
    Happy New Year

  7. I do remember! And I'm going to watch. Glad that you have begun the year well.

  8. WOW! Bringing back some great memories! Torvill and Dean, music and the Olympics are worth remembering. Thank you for the Youtube click.

    I appreciate all your loving and hard work at the art centre.To hear that someone puts all that love into their jobs, no matter what kind of job it is, is such inspiration.
    Happy New Year to you and your husband.

  9. on to new adventures in the new year...


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