Saturday, November 07, 2009

Chocolate Chunk and Hazelnut Biscotti

Happy Saturday morning! It's a sunny day and warmer than usual for this time of year. All that snow we had in September? Well, we're now enjoying September weather in November. It's a bit of a twist.

My sister and I have begun thinking about what we'd like to bake for the upcoming holiday season. I found this recipe for Chocolate Chunk and Hazelnut Biscotti over at A Good Appetite. Don't they look delicious? They'd be perfect with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Wishing you a sweet day!



    Sorry for shouting, just so excited to find a tried-and-true recipe!!!

  2. sounds good but I would need a sugar free version of the recipe...

  3. I am always eager for new recipes. My friend introduced me to biscotti and I think it tastes great with my hot cup of coffee. Thank you for sharing both of them.

  4. Looks fabulous. I'll try it. ..

    Also, I borrowed from your blog (I think). .. using the phrase "create first, clean up later" as my blog description. Just wanted to make sure it isn't offensive to you that I did that.

    If so, I'll choose something else. Thanks and happy Sunday.


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