Friday, October 16, 2009

Blogging Success

As bloggers, we probably all want to attract like-minded readers to our blogs. It's also easy to get worried about how many followers a person has. And maybe we wonder why we have fewer readers and comments than other bloggers. There's so much to learn about blogging, isn't there?

I've been wanting to share a fellow blogger's definition of what makes a blog successful. The author over at Penniwigs* feels that success should not be based just on how many followers a person gathers to her site. Rather, she measures her blog's success by her own sense of satisfaction with the process; that is to say, she asks herself if she is enjoying what she does as a blogger? To her that is what makes a blog a success, not so much whether many or few come to visit.

Of course we all love it when people leave footprints of their presence in our comments boxes, so she offers some good advice on how to make our blogb a more inviting and enjoyable place for others to visit.

On that note, I'm off ... have a great day!
*Note: Link to that particular post no longer active


  1. hey, how did you getyour templares and were thanks bye

  2. Halloo m'dear.

    Dropping in to have a look-see! What a lovely bloggie, both appearance-wise and content-wise!

    Thank'ee for the link to my bloggie advice post. I do feel many want to blog but are daunted by the very thought of being "unsuccessful." Some stop blogging because they don't get many comments, and that's a shame, because they really have interesting things to say and show, but begin to feel self-conscious about posting without responses.

  3. I think your blog is successful if you touch people's hearts in some way and motivate them to become better.

  4. This has been a hard lesson for me to learn. But, I have come to realize that blogging, just like everything else in life, has it's highs and's grand peaks and deep valley's...some stick with you through thick and thin, right or wrong...others go off to greener pastures...but, it's all good in the grand scheme of things!

    Blogging is a great creative outlet!☺

  5. Your blog is always one I enjoy visiting - it has a high satisfaction quality. Now I'm off to read the link.
    I hope you get to enjoy many more autumn days before the winter comes for real.


  6. I had read Penniwig's advice post and took away some new ideas. I agree one such not judge how successful the blog is by how many comments one gets. That is only human though. But I blog for me. I so enjoy digging in and finding out how to do all the different things that can be done. Sometime I have a definite story to tell and sometimes I get a spark while I am visiting. I am happy with the whole kitandkaboodle.

  7. Wasn't it lovely to be awoken by the sun today, and it looks like we will have a few more days of warmer it.
    Enjoy your guest my friend, would love to have one of my parents or grandparents in my home for a while, I so miss them.
    Have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

  8. Thanks for letting us know about that post -- it's full of good common-sense advice, and presented in an entertaining way.

  9. Oh my! It is way too early to be that cold! How nice that you can enjoy the company of Rick's father, even if life does move at a slower pace. I love getting a few comments on my posts but it is okay when I don't have many as well. I am pretty sure that my relatives read even though they have never commented. They talk to me from time to time about things that I posted. I love being able to share photos and my experiences even if only with a phantom reader.

  10. Hi Brenda,
    Thanks for the link, very informative. I passed it along.

  11. I agree the joy of writing our blog is by far the best success we could ever have. I'm also of to visit the link. Davine

  12. Thanks for this pertinent insight.
    I was just thinking about comments and how they impact my feelings.
    I need to go back and visit the why I blog... for ME!

  13. Thank you for sharing that place to visit for advice. I read it word for word and found it to be quite interesting. I too, wonder at times, what my blog is really all about. This truly was helpful advice. Thank you!

  14. It is nice to get comments but I agree if you're satisfied with your blog and it brings you joy that is all that really matters.
    Have a beautiful weekend!


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