Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aprons With Style -- A Giveaway

I just got back from a visit to Judy's at Just a Little Something For You. Not only does she have a wonderful display of unique handmade aprons, but she has a Giveaway too.

Judy's sister-in-law makes the most delicious looking aprons AND Judy is having a beautiful custom-made apron made especially for bloggers who leaves a comment on her site over the next three days.

These aprons take cooking and entertaining to a whole new level of chic and fun! So don't miss the chance to win one of these.

On another note, it's been snowing here today. It'll feels more like Christmas than Canadian Thanksgiving when we sit down tomorrow to turkey and all the trimmings. It'll taste just yummy no matter which event we're celebrating!

Have you seen the turkey anywhere, dear?

On that note, happy day!


  1. LOL at your turkey funny! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving...I don't know if I could be thankful for snow though...LOL...It is way too early! ;D

  2. You are just so sweet! Thank you so much for your kindness to me and my dear SIL. What a surprise to visit your post today. We are both grateful to you!

  3. will check out the apron give away as I still wear them occasionally and just published a piece about aprons.

  4. A turkey-lamp! That's just too funny! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. I am just finding out about the date of Canada's Thanksgiving day. Happy holiday to all.

    So many things to be thankful for...that picture is hilarious!!!
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!
    I smell turkey.

  7. Thanks for telling about the apron give-away. I would have been tempted to keep that information to myself--to increase my odds of winning. I went right over and commented. If I win, you should get some sort of commission. They are beautiful--and so very fun! I will check out the catalog for a Christmas gift for my DIL. Thanks.


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